Pineapple Infusion

Pineapple Infusion 2804d8a0005299a4137a1fc3a5d86b16 | OkO-OKO™
  1. Everything you need to know about pineapple skin infusion, its virtues, benefits and how to prepare it.
  2. Boiled pineapple peel to lose weight or how pineapple acts on our body?
  3. What part of the pineapple should you use for your infusion?
  4. Properties of pineapple bromelain.
  5. The pineapple peel in the infusion to lose weight and have a better digestion.
  6. A Jamaican iced pineapple tea, the drink of the summer.
  7. A recipe to learn how to prepare your pineapple infusion at home?
  8. Ingredients of the pineapple infusion.
  9. Preparation of your tea or pineapple infusion.
  10. The Recipe of the pineapple infusion.
  11. How to serve your pineapple infusion?

Matcha Cakes and Desserts.

Matcha Cakes and Desserts. 4d90f3e561c7f7221c517a61f0444a9e | OkO-OKO™
  1. Matcha, a finely ground Japanese green tea for making cakes!
  2. Who are we and why this article on Matcha Cakes and Desserts?
  3. Why consume matcha in cake?
  4. What kind of dessert to make with matcha?
  5. Which Matcha to use to make cakes?
  6. What does a matcha cake taste like?
  7. Matcha sponge cake recipe.
  8. How to garnish your matcha sponge cake?
  9. How to make your matcha cake a success.
  10. How to make a Matcha roll cake?
  11. A little reminder about the benefits of matcha.
  12. Where does matcha come from?
  13. What are the benefits of Matcha green tea on your well-being?

Glass teapot, How to choose ?

Glass teapot, How to choose ? | OkO-OkO™
  1. Introduction, learn more about Glass teapots.
  2. The different types of glass teapots.
  3. Borosilicate glass, the true evolution of the glass teapot.
  4. Which teapot to choose and which tea filter to use?
  5. How to use a heat resistant glass teapot?
  6. Tips for cleaning your glass teapot?
  7. The aesthetics of glass and its palatability.
  8. What type of tea for a clear glass teapot?
  9. The advantages of the glass teapot.
  10. The disadvantages of the glass teapot.
  11. Iced tea preparation with a glass teapot.
  12. How safe is a glass teapot?

Everything you need to know about the benefits of Lotus.

Everything you need to know about the benefits of Lotus. 26060391650fed33c0d96b43e8a66578 | OkO-OKO™
  1. The Lotus, a treasure for health.
  2. The benefits of Blue Lotus flower tea.
  3. Lotus flower: meaning and symbolism.
  4. How to use the Lotus flower?
  5. The infusion of Green Lotus Leaf.
  6. Lotus seed germ.
  7. The origin of Lotus flower tea.
  8. The Lotus, a beautiful flower tea.
  9. How to prepare Lotus flower tea?
  10. Preparation of the teapot and cups.
  11. What dosage of Lotus flower to prepare its infusion?
  12. The cleaning of tea and flowers.
  13. How to brew Lotus flowers?
  14. Meaning of the jewels representing the Lotus.
  15. Where to find edible Lotus tea?

Cast Iron Teapots.

Cast Iron Teapots. backup article 387454009426 | OkO-OKO™
  1. Cast iron teapots and kettles.
  2. What are the disadvantages of the cast iron teapot?
  3. The pleasure of a tea pose.
  4. Why use a cast iron teapot?
  5. The advantages of the cast iron teapot.
  6. The health benefits of cast iron teapots.
  7. Precautions to take with a cast iron teapot.
  8. How to use a cast iron teapot.
  9. The pleasure of using a Tetsubin cast iron teapot.
  10. What does the term “Tetsubin Teapot” mean?
  11. Enamelled or cast iron teapot, what to choose ?
  12. Where to buy a Tetsubin cast iron teapot?
  13. How to wash your cast iron teapot?
  14. How to clean rust from a cast iron teapot?
  15. How to store cast iron teapots?
  16. How long can I expect to keep my cast iron teapot?
  17. Cast iron teapots and induction plates?
  18. To conclude on cast iron teapots.

Everything you need to know about tea and its benefits.

Everything you need to know about tea and its benefits. cfb2caaa939527c8215e461dc40aba39 | OkO-OKO™
  1. Drink tea and stay cool!
  2. How was tea discovered?
  3. The history of tea, or how it came to Europe.
  4. Some figures on tea.
  5. Slimming action of tea True or False?
  6. But why and how does it work?
  7. The truth about tea-based diets.
  8. The benefits of tea.
  9. The different types of tea.
  10. The 12 most famous tea types.
  11. Blue Pea Tea.

    Aromatherapy, the essential guide

    Aromatherapy, the essential guide f83fac4e4e977365b74eeafc5a26fd71 | OkO-OKO™
    1. The 12 essentials to know about Aromatherapy.
    2. What is Aromatherapy?
    3. Real therapeutic effects: true or false?
    4. What can be done with aromatherapy?
    5. How to use essential oils ?
    6. How to choose your essential oils.
    7. How to choose your aromatic diffuser.
    8. Table of the 40 most common essential oils and their applications.
    9. The history of Aromatherapy.
    10. How natural essential oils are produced.
    11. What you need to know about aromatherapy?
    12. Precaution of use with the aromatherapy.
    13. What to remember about modern aromatherapy.

    Light therapy

    Light therapy Luminotherapie couverture blog oko oko | OkO-OKO™
    1. The impact of light on our well-being.
    2. The importance of surrounding yourself with beautiful objects.
    3. The action of objects on our well-being.
    4. Our moods and the environment.
    5. The importance of light and our well-being.
    6. Artificial light.
    7. The sun, this benefactor.
    8. Circadian cycles.
    9. Synchronize your biological clock.
    10. To finish with the light, some recommendations.
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