Cast Iron Teapot

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Cast Iron Teapots.
The cast iron teapot is certainly the reference for tea lovers. The use of cast iron for the manufacture of teapots has been a matter of course since ancient times.

The advantages of the cast iron teapot.
It is the queen of longevity. In Japan, cast iron teapots are often passed down from generation to generation. A good cast iron teapot will stand the test of time and retain all its properties without any difficulty.
But, the major advantage of melting is that it keeps the temperature of the water it contains very stable and for a long time. This is important when you are striving for perfection and every degree counts.

Maintenance of a cast iron teapot.
When it comes to maintenance, it’s all about thoroughness. Just rinse your teapot immediately with use and dry the inside well. If there is a little brownish deposit inside, all the better.
Avoid any detergent and you won’t have any rust problem. If you follow these few tips, you will certainly be pleased with your teapot and will not change it for anything in the world.

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