Tea Accessories

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Tea accessories, traditional objects for the tea ceremony.
You will find here all the tea accessories essential to the Gong-Fu-Cha ceremony or the Matcha ceremony . These tea accessories can be traditional, but also contemporary and useful.

Enjoy preparing your tea with beautiful utensils.
You will find the essentials of the tea ceremony such as tea infusers, infusion strainers, bamboo tea tongs, knife for tea leaves, tea filters, etc.
You will also find some accessories entirely dedicated to matcha, such as the Matcha Chasen whisk and the mini electric whisk which allow you to emulsify matcha or milk. More traditionally, we also offer ChaShaku, Naoshi and Kusenaoshi to prepare your finely ground green tea.

The tea ceremony, an ancestral ritual.
Many accessories to enhance the pleasure of preparing tea in the best conditions.
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