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Tea sets.
Find in this collection our tea services. You will find all kinds of materials such as heat resistant glass and the traditional Chinese porcelain services.

Glass tea sets.
Double Wall cups and glasses are unmatched in keeping the heat of herbal teas, coffee and infusions. They are very clever and also keep the cold of a good iced tea.

The tradition of Gungfu Cha or Chinese tea service.
Serving tea is an operation that requires a good preparation of the tea cup or bowl, the Gaiwan (filter bowl) and the teapot. We assume that for a GungFu Cha ceremony, we will use a water kettle. It is essential to have simmering water on hand throughout the preparation.
All utensils should be carefully placed on a tea tray with a drip tray to collect the rinse water. Water is an integral part of Gungfu Cha (tea ceremony). The hot water is used to purify the utensils, rinse the tea leaves, but also to warm the tea cups and the teapot. If you don’t have a draining tea tray(available HERE), prepare a good-sized bowl to catch the water from the preparation.
Start by filling the teapot halfway with hot water. When the porcelain of the teapot has warmed up, the water from the teapot is poured into the Gaiwan to warm it up. Then, the tea bowls will be heated and the water can be gently poured onto the tray.
Put the tea in the teapot and rinse 1 to 2 seconds with the equivalent of half a cup of water. Pour the rinse water back into the draining tea tray. Put hot water back into the teapot and let it brew with a saucer as a lid. Used the Gaiwan or a tea strainer to separate the leaves from the tea. Serve and take time to enjoy your tea.

Below is a nice video on the art of serving tea in the “Gong Fu Cha” ceremony.

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