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Tea trays.
Take a trip to the land of tea and discover our trays and tea sets.

The ceremony of using a tea tray.
Using a tea tray is a must when you are a tea lover. More than a decorative object, the tea trays allow you to sublimate the preparation of your tea.
If you were looking for a tea tray, you have come to the right place at OkO-OkO.
The Chinese tea tray.
The Chinese tea trays have a perforated surface and a watertight drawer to receive the rinsing water. It is an essential element of Gong Fu Cha. Without tea tray, no tea ceremony.
You will find in our collection trays with matching tea service, bamboo trays, trays with retention tray and many models adapted to different types of ceremony.

Tea Accessories

Tea accessory

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Ceramic or Porcelain Teapot

Tea Service
Travel (11 Variants).


Ceramic or Porcelain Teapot

Tea Service
Travel (6 variations).


Tea Accessories

Tea tray

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