Teapot warmer

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The teapot heaters.
Find here all our teapot heaters. Traditionally, with a candle, you will also find electric models to heat or just maintain the temperature.

What are the different types of tea heaters?
We recommend glass tea heaters for their incomparable aesthetics. Nevertheless, you will find many types of teapot heaters in different materials. The main ones are stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, porcelain, and even bamboo teapots.

The miniature electric teapots.
Discover also the mini electric plates, used to maintain a temperature of 60 degrees, ideal for tea tasting. This is the right temperature, without reheating your tea.

Teapot heaters or mini electric stoves.
You will also find, mini halogen stoves or glass ceramic plates. With the ability to boil the water in your teapot, these electric plates allow the preparation of tea. They also keep your brew at the right temperature.

Alcohol stoves
We have also included in this collection stoves for liquid alcohol or solid alcohol. Unlike candles, alcohol allows for much higher temperatures. It is quite possible, with a suitably sized alcohol burner, to bring water to a boil.

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