Essential oil diffuser

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Our essential oil diffusers.
Essential oil diffusers are one of the key elements ofAromatherapy. Here you will find all types of essential oil diffusion technologies.

What types of essential oil diffusers are available?
It hesitates other names like Aromatherapy diffuser or diffuser he to designate the diffusers of essential oils.
The oldest method is to heat oil to create steam. It is a perfume burner or burner of essential oils. The flame of a candle or an electric resistance are very effective in generating aromatic steam. The disadvantage of all these devices is the uncertain regulation of the oil temperature. The challenge is to release the vapors without ever burning or altering the active ingredients of the Aromatherapy oils.

Cold essential oil diffusers.
1) Cold nebulizer.
Then come 3 types of cold nebulizers: humidifiers, water + essential oils and ultrasonic nebulizers of pure essential oil without dilution. Both processes have the advantage of working cold.

2) Misting or humidifying diffuser.
At the same time as they diffuse essential oils, they fight against the drying of the air caused by air conditioning or heating. The only drawback is that if your home is already sufficiently or too humid, you will not be able to control the humidity in your room.

3) Ultrasonic Nebulizers.
Ultrasonic Nebulizers of pure oils are certainly the most sought after type of diffuser by connoisseurs.
They do not heat up, accept all oils pure or diluted with a neutral oil. They are the most effective and do not alter the properties of the essences or essential oils.
If you want to know more aboutAromatherapy, feel free to check out our blog post on Aromatherapy by clicking HERE.


Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffuser

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Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffuser


Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffuser


Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffuser

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