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Pineapple Infusion

Everything you need to know about pineapple skin infusion, its virtues, benefits and how to [...]

Matcha Cakes and Desserts.

Matcha, a finely ground Japanese green tea for making cakes! Who are we and why [...]

Glass teapot, How to choose ?

Introduction, learn more about Glass teapots. The different types of glass teapots. Borosilicate glass, the [...]

Everything you need to know about the benefits of Lotus.

The Lotus, a treasure for health. The benefits of Blue Lotus flower tea. Lotus flower: [...]

Cast Iron Teapots.

Cast iron teapots and kettles. What are the disadvantages of the cast iron teapot? The [...]

The secret language of women and their handbags.

The handbag one of the elements of the "body language". Why do women have a [...]

What is Boho?

Who are the boho ? The origins of the Boho movement. The development of the [...]

Everything you need to know about tea and its benefits.

Drink tea and stay cool! How was tea discovered? The history of tea, or how [...]

Aromatherapy, the essential guide

The 12 essentials to know about Aromatherapy. What is Aromatherapy? Real therapeutic effects: true or [...]

Light therapy

The impact of light on our well-being. The importance of surrounding yourself with beautiful objects. [...]

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