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Buddhism is honored in this collection.
You will find all types of objects to relax and meditate. Objects full of spirituality dedicated to Buddhist rites.
Buddhism being closely linked to zenitude and yoga, you will be pleased to find a complete range of articles made in Zen.
Don’t forget that we also have a collection dedicated to spiritual jewelry (click HERE).

What is Buddhism?
Zen Buddhism is more a philosophy than a religion. In Nepal, India or Tibet, Buddhists do not worship any God with blind faith. Nor do they seek to go around converting individuals or promising them eternal salvation.

The Philosophy of Buddhism.
Buddha, after studying different religions and schools of thought, arrived, through meditation, at a series of thoughts and philosophies that help to “liberate” oneself, which is nothing other than avoiding suffering and being happy.
Buddhists practice the philosophy of life that Buddha taught them. There are those who like this line of thought and those who do not. When you don’t like it, you shouldn’t force yourself and even less force yourself.

Buddha’s teaching.
Buddhism is a path of practical teachings. Buddhist practices, such as meditation, are a way for a person to transform themselves by developing the qualities of awareness, kindness and wisdom.
The experience developed within the Buddhist tradition over thousands of years has created an unparalleled resource for those who wish to follow a path of spiritual development.

Buddhism, a current of thought.
People can take what they want from Buddhism. It is possible to practice only meditation in order to obtain well-being and peace of mind.
One can also choose to study the Buddha’s teachings and follow the Buddhist path to enlightenment.
The Buddhist path leads to what is called enlightenment or Buddhahood.
May peace be with you.

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