Glass Teapots

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Glass teapots.
Here you will find all our glass teapots. It is the most sought after material among tea lovers. The heat-resistant glass and its transparency, offers an incomparable aesthetic when preparing tea.

Borosilicate glass, the reference material for teapots.
Borosilicate glass was discovered by adding boron to the glass during its fusion. Used in industry, this type of glass is also used to make laboratory test tubes. Better known to the general public under the brand name Pyrex, this heat resistant glass has made the glass teapot the ideal kettle for preparing tea. It is the perfect utensil that combines quality and the pleasure of tasting your tea with your eyes, during its decoction.
Practical, this new generation of teapot is placed directly on your gas or electric stove. They can be used on alcohol burners and all types of traditional stoves, except induction.

Glass teapots for induction cooker.
There are some versions of glass teapots suitable for electromagnetic plates. These are Induction teapots made of glass on which we have added a stainless metal plate serving as an antenna for the electromagnetic waves. These Induction teapots have a sole on the outside. Other models have an internal plate that captures the heat and retransmits it to the water inside the teapot.

The maintenance-free glass teapot, the ideal teapot.
It is without a doubt, the easiest teapot to maintain. Unlike cast iron, no maintenance is required. A simple rinse with water and your teapot is ready for the next time. Tasteless and easy to clean, they allow you to follow the decoction process by transparency. It is this spectacle offered by the transparency of materials that makes the glass teapot our favorite.

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