Neutral Oil

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Neutral oils.
Neutral oils are one of nature’s blessings. They are used in Aromatherapy and cosmetology. Also called carrier oil, they are used to dilute essential oils.

Neutral oils for massage.
They allow to prepare perfumed oils of massage. For the most part, they are totally, neutral, odorless and do not alter the essential oils. Nourishing, neutral oils are beneficial and nourish the skin.

OkO-OkO neutral oil range:

Sweet almond oil: neutral oil for essential oil.
Organic apricot kernel oil: neutral oil for aromatherapy.
Grape seed oil: neutral oil for very versatile.
Organic Linseed Oil: massage oil and food supplement.
Jojoba oil: massage oil and hair treatment.
Avocado nut oil: Neutral oil for massage and face.

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