Everything you need to know about the benefits of Lotus.

Everything you need to know about the benefits of Lotus. 26060391650fed33c0d96b43e8a66578 | OkO-OKO™

1) The Lotus, a treasure for health.

Welcome to OkO-OkO.com and our article about Benefits of the Lotus. If you were wondering about the lotus and its uses, you are at the right place.

Since ancient times, this precious flower of water, Nelumbo Nucifera, is recognized by traditional oriental medicine. It is a plant with multiple health benefits. The lotus is highly valued in macrobiotic culture and diet.

Nowadays, the use of lotus flower as an herbal tea has become widespread throughout the world. Since the arrival of the  Lotus flower tea  in Europe, it is becoming increasingly popular due to its health benefits.

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2) The benefits of Blue Lotus flower tea.

One of the virtues found in all parts consumed from the lotus is the strengthening of the immune system. In general, lotus consumption is recommended for the following benefits:

  • Its action is detoxifying and helps to fight against acne.
  • Antihypertensive natural, Il   is recommended for controlling high blood pressure problems.
  • An infusion recommended for headaches and against nasal bleeding.
  • It is a decongestant of the respiratory tract. It reduces the formation of mucus.
  • Lotus soothes dry coughs and improves asthma episodes. It is an effective pulmonary tonic thanks to its important anti-inflammatory action on the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. 
  • An effective anti-diarrhea and helps regulate intestinal transit.
  • It is a precious help in the fight against cholesterol. It helps to reduce the level of lipids in the blood and promotes good blood circulation. 
  • Its use is preventive against colds, nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis.
  • The lotus flower has an antioxidant power and helps to fight against the effects of aging.
  • Source of vitamin C, B6 and in potassium and phosphorus. 


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3) Lotus flower: meaning and symbolism.

The lotus flower, besides its great beauty, is one of the sacred symbols of Buddhism.  The lotus represents in Buddhism the path tospiritual elevation and enlightenment. It is a sign of perseverance and purity. The lotus plant, with its roots born in the darkness of the mud, rises to the clarity of the water’s surface to create a beautiful flower.

The lotus is also the center of many contemplations inHinduism. The center of the lotus flower is associated with the gods Vishnu and Brahma. It also represents Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity.

Note also that the lotus flower is a national symbol in India and Vietnam.

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4) How to use the lotus flower?

Almost everything is consumed in the lotus. From rhizome (root) to leaves, flowers, seeds and its germ, everything is good!

Lotus flower can be brewed alone or mixed with tea. In addition to the flower, you will also find on our site the lotus leaf and the seed.

The lotus flower that you will receive is ready to be consumed as an infusion, as is. Its fragrance is sweet, pleasant and does not require mixing with tea.

Nevertheless, some people prefer to make their own mixtures with tea. This allows to recreate the very famous “lotus tea”. One of the advantages is that you can use your favorite tea and the proportions you want for your own blend. To reproduce this age-old drink as faithfully as possible, we recommend that you combine your green tea with lotus flowers in a 50/50 jar. Store in a dry place and forget about it for a few days. Then, enjoy it without moderation.

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5) Green lotus leaf infusion.

The lotus leaves contain the benefits of the lotus in general. Their concentration in active elements is less than that of the flowers and seeds of lotus.

Due to their abundance and ease of harvesting, green lotus leaves are more affordable in terms of price. They are often found in weight loss formulas and are also detoxifying.

For the dosage, we recommend 9 g for 100 ml of water, instead of 4 g for the flower. Once again, it is all a matter of taste and we invite you to adapt this dosage accordingly. Their infusion will be done with simmering water 85 °C instead of 70 °C for the flowers. 

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6) The lotus seed germ.

It is the part of the lotus most concentrated in active ingredients. The lotus sprouts are peeled one by one, by hand. It is a very meticulous work which consists after the pollination of the flower to the harvest of the germ. This one is still in the seed and it is necessary to delicately open it to extract the germ. It is also the most noble part of the Blue Lotus.

Also called, heart of lotus seed, it is used in tea. It requires no more than 3 g per 250 ml of water.

The lotus seed germ has all the virtues of the lotus flower. In Chinese medicine, it would also fight against spermatorrhea and early ejaculations. It is also used to clear the fire of the heart, kidneys and Yin deficiencies. 

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 7) The origin of Lotus flower tea.

Lotus tea is an ancient   specialty of Vietnam. The lotus symbolizes beauty, purity and luck. Combined with tea, preferably green, the result becomes “trà sen”. This drink is characterized by a sweet aroma with notes of vanilla. Born in the 19th century in Vietnam, it was the favorite drink of the king Tu Duc under the Nguyen dynasty.

The king would place a handful of tea in each flower and then tie the petals to seal the contents. In this way, the tea would dry overnight and at the same time absorb the fragrance of the petals.

8) The lotus, a beautiful flower tea.

Like flowering tea, the use of whole flowers, as we sell them, will allow you to enjoy the spectacle of flowering in your teapot (preferably in glass). The rehydration of lotus flower tea is always very spectacular and will delight you and your guests.

The fragrance of the lotus flower is concentrated in the stamens, which are the most precious and important part. That is why it is important to use whole lotus flowers. 

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9) How to prepare lotus flower tea?

You can use a rough cast iron teapot to heat the water for preparation. The use of pig iron allows the water to be enriched with iron.

Nevertheless, lotus flower tea is best served in a glass teapot. This will allow you to contemplate the rehydration and the opening of the blue flower with its yellow stamens in the center. 

The temperature of the infusion water is lower than a traditional tea. Lotus tea is a light and delicate drink, so it is not necessary to use too hot water to prepare it. In fact, the ideal water temperature is 70°C. If you use water that is too hot, the infusion will spoil and become bitter.

10) Preparation of the teapot and cups.

Warm the teapot and cups with the hot brewing water. This step will help you keep your brew hotter for longer.

A good temperature allows to improve the taste of the tea, but also offers you the possibility to enjoy it while taking your time.

Make sure the cups and teapot are clean, then fill the teapot with hot water. Gently shake the teapot for about 10 seconds, then pour the water into the cups. After a few seconds, get rid of the water from the cups on a draining tea tray or in a container. 


11) What dosage of lotus flower to prepare its infusion?

There is no specific rule on how much tea to use. In fact, it all depends on how strong you want your lotus tea or infusion to be.

We recommend on average for 100 ml of water 4 g of flower or 9 g of leaves or 1.5 g of sprouts. Feel free to adjust the quantities to suit your taste. You can change the proportions and adapt them to your taste and that of your guests.

12) Cleaning tea and flowers.

It is customary to clean all teas. This operation is not compulsory, but it allows to purify the flowers of possible traces of mould and gets rid of the powdery residues.

In summary, at this point your water is at the right temperature, the cups and the teapot are heated, you have determined the right amount of tea according to the number of your guests.

The next step takes only a few seconds. To clean the tea leaves, a minimum of water should be poured into the teapot, just enough to soak the tea or leaves. Shake the teapot quickly but gently, then pour the water into the draining tray.

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13) How to brew lotus flowers?

Now that the tea is also clean, pour enough water into the teapot for your consumption. Cover the teapot with its lid and pour some of your hot water over it. By closing the teapot from the outside, you will keep the fragrances inside. Let the lotus tea steep for two to three minutes.

When the brewing time is over, shake the teapot lightly. You can then serve the infusion in the cups and enjoy it. To best appreciate the notes of vanilla and its sweet fragrance, savor it in small sips.

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14) Meaning of the jewels representing the Lotus.

One of the primary characteristics of the lotus is purity. Standing in the middle of the muddy being, it is the symbol of beauty and perseverance. Jewelry representing the lotus often embodies its qualities. 

The wearers of lotus jewelry are known to be trustworthy and are considered reliable people. They are known for their tenacity, loyalty and commitment to values.

Often linked to Buddhism, lotus jewelry is associated with reincarnation, the cycle of life and the journey required to reach enlightenment. It is a reminder of the deep values known since the beginning of time.

15) Where can I find edible lotus tea?

If you are looking for where to buy whole blue lotus flower tea, seed sprouts, green leaves or lotus jewelry and objects then you are at the right place.

OkO-OkO.com has a complete range of lotus for herbal tea, infusion and tea preparation.

We also have many flower teas and all kinds of infusions. If you wish to discover our range, I invite you to click on the button below. 

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Lotus Conclusion:

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