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1) Who are the boho ?

Welcome to our article about the Boho movement from its origins to today.

Boho women flower crownAs a store with a wide range of Boho jewelry, we had to share our knowledge about this movement, whose origins are born in the 30s in Paris.

Did you say Paris? And yes, before the hippies of the 70’s and the babas cool of the 2000’s, the Boho or the bohemians, were Parisian artists.

These artists, seeking to differentiate themselves from the aristocracy and the working class, found a lifestyle of their own: bohemia

For those who know Charles Aznavour’s song “La Bohème” (click HERE to listen) we are in the middle of the beginnings of this movement which will become multi-generational.

2) The origins of the Boho movement.

To explain a little, what this style represents, we will start by Bohemian artistexplaining where this concept comes from, and the etymology of the word “Boho”.

In fact, the word “Boho” comes from “bohemian” itself derived from the word “bohemian”.

It began to be attributed to a group of artists who were emerging in the 1930s in Paris.

This artistic trend and ideology began to grow stronger at this time. Their need for differentiation was increasingly significant.

The Bohos succeeded not only in creating their own style, but also in creating attitudes, a lifestyle and a way of life that were very much their own.

3) The development of the Boho style.

Colorful Hippie GuitarThe bohemian style does not stop only in Paris, but it extends to all the countries of Europe.

In the beginning, what differentiated them the most was their way of life. Bohemians were totally opposed to the order established by the middle class and the bourgeoisie.

The money, the fame, was only the means to develop their creativity and earn a living.

Then the bohemian style or Boho style, begins to extend to aspects of fashion, jewelry, accessories and interior design.

Far from losing its strength, this style has been reinvented over the years, giving birth to new concepts such as bohemian chic or hippie chic.

Hippie group in the 1970s

4) Boho chic and hippies.

It is the hippies without question who gave a second life to the Boho movement. The hippie movement, in the middle of the Vietnam war, campaigned for world peace and the end of all wars.

The hippies, also wanted to break the ambient conformism of the 70s and advocated free love, drugs and rock music.

While being inspired by the bohemian style and its anti-conformism side, the hippies as well as some celebrities made that the Boho fashion took over.

It is by standing out from the fashion canons of the time that they created the Bohemian chic style.

Following this trend in need of freedom, they have made the choice of loose-fitting clothes that invite fluidity of movement.

The colors are influenced by nature, the tones are muted and soft, without losing elegance, sophistication, romanticism and femininity.

5) Boho jewelry.

Among the many pieces of jewelry with which you can give our look that casual bohemian look, there are the must-haves, those that can not miss in your jewelry box.

These are, silver jewelry, jewelry with natural stones, bracelets and leather necklaces.

The natural and simple materials have their own place in the world of Boho jewelry. The colors are oftenhttps://oko-oko.com/collections/bijoux-etniques-et-boho/products/bracelet-en-pierre-naturelle-damazonite-oko-okot pastel and pleasant to look at.

Boho style jewelry, play a very important role in creating your look. As many of you know, these are often the finishing touches that give your look the personalization it needs.

That is why you will find below some examples of the treasures that our jewelry collection contains.

Amazonite stone bracelet on sale by clicking HERE.

6) Moonstone, the Boho stone par excellence.

https://oko-oko.com/collections/bijoux-etniques-et-boho/products/bague-pierre-de-lune-argent-oko-okoOne of the most emblematic stones of the Boho is the moonstone. This natural mineral is also one of the most feminine stones. It is known to regulate female hormones and improve fertility.

Moonstone is also the stone of beauty that brings out the goddess of love in you.

This crystal stone, with its lunar reflections, corresponds to the heart chakra and its mysterious beauty will bewitch many.

It has many properties that we have developed in the pages of our store. We recommend a beautiful silver and moonstone ring that you can find by clicking HERE.

7) Ethnic jewelry.


Ethnic jewelry is characterized by simple designs or patterns. They are mostly geometric shapes or are often composed of beads.

For the most part, these jewels use natural colors: beige, brown, gray, turquoise

We frequently find ethnic jewelry in the category of Boho jewelry.

This is due to the fact that Tibetan and Indian jewelry are widely represented in the hippie world.

The comparison between Boho and ethnic jewelry stops there, because ethnic jewelry has many other meanings. They represent such a vast category that we will certainly devote one of our next articles to them.

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The conclusion:

I hope you had a good time with us. The purpose of this unpretentious article, was to make you discover less known aspects of the history of the Boho movement. There will always be non-conformist people, who are and will be, followers of non-violence, personal development and Boho values.

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

See you soon.

The OkO-OkO.com editorial staff.

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