The secret language of women and their handbags.

The secret language of women and their handbags. backup article 385065746514 | OkO-OKO™

For the release of our new bag collection, we did a survey on the relationship between women and their precious handbags.

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1) The handbag one of the elements of the “body language”.

Do you know what a woman’s bag says about her personality?

Psychologically, the shape, the size, the way of wearing it or its color allow us to know a little more about the personality.

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Do you know the“body language“? Well, the handbag is a big part of it. Women have always had a special relationship with their handbags.

Whether you are a collector or a simple user, a woman’s bag gives us a glimpse into her secret garden.

2) Why do women carry a handbag?

There are many reasons why a woman carries a bag. We will try to answer them through this article, even if it does not hesitate of absolute truth.

This feminine accessory is an extension of the personality. Sometimes it can vary depending on the mood of the day.Dressy summer bags Blog oko-oko Banner 3

Some fashion psychologists explain that the size, the color or the way women carry their bag, convey character traits and part of the female unspoken.

3) The influence of aesthetics.

It only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression on someone you just met. In many cases, this first judgment may be decisive or even unshakeable. Isn’t it said that the first impression is often the right one?

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This first impression is influenced by such decisive aspects as posture, speech and facial expression. Whether we like it or not, this feeling is also influenced by clothes, hairstyle, makeup and of course theinseparable handbag.

Note that in some cases, the absence of these elements is just as revealing.

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4) Why choose one bag or another?Vertical banner blog handbag humor oko-oko

The accessories bring the final touch and stand out from the others, but how to interpret this choice?

Some contradictory studies admit that thecolor, the material or the way of wearing it can be directly related to the psychology, but it is necessary to deepen the body analysis, because it is not always the case.

Of course, the brighter or lighter the bag, the more it will attract the attention of others. Depending on the situation, it may be a fashion, or the choice may be a practical need. But in some cases, it is the personality of the person who wears it that is highlighted.

The intuitive reasoning is that introverts will prefer small bags (to be worn close to the body so as not to draw attention to themselves).

On the other hand, extroverted people will carry large bags, hanging from their shoulder or forearm. They will use their bag as an aesthetic asset to draw attention to themselves.

But there are also times when an introvert wants to carry all their stuff with them and needs a big bag (just in case). This indicates a foresight or a need to be reassured or protected by all these objects.

5) Other reasons for choosing the bag.

In fact, according to some studies, it depends more on the situation than on the personality. Generally, the bag we choose has more to do with its functionality than with its visual aspect.

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Professionals differ on the real difference between choosing a shopping bag or a mini-pouch. There may be a direct relationship between personality and bag size, but this has yet to be demonstrated.

Preferring a large or small bag is not so much about the way you look as it may seem. Often, the choice is related to more practical reasons such as: the volume of things you want to carry, what options you have and where you are going. This is a good reflection of how we choose our bag.

As for carrying a luxury handbag, this is clear and unequivocal. According to Karl Lagerfeld: “You have money to spend on this kind of thing and you want others to know about it! “.

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6) How to carry your handbag?

There are many ways to carry your handbag. In the hand, like many evening clutches , or hanging straight across the shoulder like the models, crossed like the bohemians or around the waist, like the Kardashian sisters, etc..

The bag can be worn in different ways, but every woman has her favorite way. Why?

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Before presenting some profiles of the different ways of carrying a bag, know that there is no irrefutable evidence that says that carrying the bag in a particular way reflects the personality. The explanation I am about to give you is based on what is accepted by most behaviorists.

Crossed shoulder bag.

People who wear their bag across their chest like a shoulder strap, are people who like to feel protected and safe. They may be people who do not like to be approached and prefer to keep their distance from others.

Blog handbag shy woman with hand in front of the face

Right shoulder bag, backpack, fanny pack.

On the contrary, those who carry their bag on their shoulder are confident and informal people. They want to be able to do other things with their hands while carrying their bag. These people are often very busy, they are multi-taskers. They usually wear a shoulder strap, a backpack or a fanny pack.

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Bag hanging on the arm.

When the bag is hung in the crook of the elbow or carried in the hand, whether it’s a clutch or not, “it means that person is going somewhere special. She chose her bag as the finishing touch to her look.

That’s what you have to remember about what the way you wear this accessory can imply. It is necessary to complete the analysis by the clothes and the attitude to deduce more about the personality of a stranger.

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Of course, I think personality can also show up more in the choice of bag than in the way it is carried. But, sometimes the bag someone is carrying would not have been their first choice. It may be the most appropriate bag she had for this situation. Let’s not forget that the primary role of a bag is practical and that it should always play this role first.

Editor’s Conclusion:

Thank you for reading this article so far. It was meant to be informative but also enjoyable to read. We hope you had a good time and take this opportunity to suggest you to have a look at our new collection on women’s handbags.

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