Tea Pets or Tea Companion

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The Tea Pets.

Also called the Tea Companions, Tea-Pets are small figurines placed on the tray used for the tea ceremony, the Gong Fu Cha. They exist in all kinds, Representative, animals, monks, babies, a lotus flower, vegetables or a happy Buddha.

The origin of Tea-Pets

Tea companions are often related to ancestors, mystical creatures, good luck and good fortune. It is an offering made in respect to the elders, or the creatures that haunt our nightmares. We will enjoy sharing the tea ceremony with them and it is an opportunity to make some wishes for prosperity and protection.

Why and how to use tea-Pets?

The Tea-Pet is sprinkled with the water from the tea preparation. This action is synonymous with purification, renewal and good luck .
It is also a way to appreciate the temperature of the water used to prepare the tea. Depending on the steam and the rate of evaporation of the water on the clay, the master of ceremonies will be able to determine if the water is at the right temperature.
By sprinkling the tea companions with a few drops of tea, it is possible to attract the good grace of the character represented by the Tea-pet. This operation is repeated several times during the tea ceremony, as if one was sharing tea with this deity or ancestor.


Tea Pets or Tea Companion

Tea Pets
Dog Foo or Kylin.


Tea Pets or Tea Companion

Tea Pets
Pumpkin (6 colors).

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