Tea and Infusion

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Teas, Tea flowers and infusions.
Here are the infusions and all kinds of tea, where the leaf of Camellia sinensis is King.
We have a whole article in our blog dedicated to tea, its different varieties and the benefits of tea. You can access it by clicking on the article on tea HERE.

What kind of tea is on sale on OkO-OkO.com?
Green tea, Matcha tea or Japanese green tea ground very finely, Oolong tea from China, white teas from the tenderest buds, Pu-erh teas, red tea, yellow teas, black tea, Lapsang Souchong, organic tea and many others. One of our specialties is the tea ball that opens in water.

Flower teas.
Depending on the country, flower tea is more commonly called infusion. Similarly, mixtures of several flowers are called herbal tea. Anyway, you will find all kind of dried flower tea in our store like hibiscus tea also called Roselle, also jasmine, lavender, rose buds, orange blossoms, etc.

The evening tea or tea without Theine.
You will find Rooibos, which is also called tea without tea or evening tea, because without theine.
Chrysanthemum tea, butterfly pea tea. The dried fruits or black Goji berries of which one can consume the infusion. Some original infusions like lotus flower and also lotus sprouts.

Why choose tea?
If you’ve been thinking about giving up coffee lately, the tea option may seem healthier and more appealing. However, due to its high theine content, which is identical to caffeine, it is essential not to consume it in excess. Some teas are not recommended after 4:00 p.m. or you will not be able to sleep at night. Like coffee, some people are allergic to it and use in people sensitive to caffeine is not recommended.
To enjoy tea, simply steep it in hot water and sweeten it to taste. One of the other advantages of Tea, is that you can easily dose it to stay alert avoiding the nervousness that coffee provides. A tea even slightly dosed will be tasty and will provide a certain gustatory pleasure.
With Matcha, a very finely ground Japanese green tea, you can also create various recipes. Desserts, including truffles, ice cream, brownies and all kinds of cookies.
At any time of the day, this tea is the best option for staying healthy!
We wish you a good discovery!

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